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About Pam Jones~Gonzales

Pam is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Trauma Resolutionpractitioner in private practice. She spent 25+ years in the semiconductor industry focusing on specialized testing for military, NASA, and medical projects, after which she turned her interests to healing work. Upon graduation from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2008, Pam earned an Associates degree in Massage Therapy, specializing in advanced concepts of human anatomy and physiology, neurophysiology and neuroanatomy, medical massage, and Trauma Touch Therapy.

Concurrently, she completed a 100-hour certification program in trauma resolution in October 2007. This program allowed Pam to gain therapeutic techniques for recovery from PTSD, grief, prolonged anger, disease processes, and chronic pain through the use of guided imagery, breathwork, somatic awareness, mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practice and  aromatherapy

Pam has been a teacher’s assistant at the Colorado School of Healing Arts for Massage II and Body-Centered Therapy classes. Last fall, she participated as a teacher’s assistant for a Somatic Archaeology Masters Class for Mental Health Professionals. Through Confluence Ministries, Pam has integrated massage into community outreach projects.

Patience, insight and a compassionate heart allow Pam to carry on a successful private practice in massage and trauma resolution therapy in the Westminster area and the foothills near Denver, CO. She has worked with adults for four years specializing in gentle and benevolent recovery from trauma, abuse, chronic pain and injury.

Socrates said, “The part can never be well unless the whole is well,” and this reflects Pam's belief in treating the whole person, body, mind, heart and spirit.